I have only been working as an SRE for the last few months. The discipline isn’t the slightest familiar to me. This makes it equally exciting and challenging as there is a steep learning curve.

There are 2 kinds of days. 1 where things start with a handover of on-call duties. And the second starts like a day for a regular Software Engineer. When I am not on-call, I am either working my way towards accomplishing a functional task. Or I am in one of many meetings about Operations. Operations are the grand part of SRE life. Even the functional work is all about reducing Operations pressure.

As an SRE, learning things on the go is a regular part of life. Problems show up fast and in most cases, they get solved using brainstorming. If there is a repeating pattern, an automation proposal is on the cards.

So far I am enjoying by SRE life.